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No Victory Without Cost

FANDOM: 魔道祖师 | Mo Dao Zu Shi
CHARACTERS: Nie Huaisang, Jin Guangyao
PAIRING: Jin Guangyao/Nie Huaisang
RATING: General
TAGS/WARNINGS: Introspection, Complicated Relationships
NOTES: Written for SangYao Week 2019, Day 1 – Gamble 😀 I originally meant to write something softer, but then I….didn’t. So here we are~

Controlling my feelings for too long
Trying to please you for too long
Makes me scream your screams

Jin Guangyao’s pleasantness was his mask, but Nie Huaisang needed his own way, something unpredictable, and so he cashed in his dignity for a better shot at a winning hand.

Every stage of their relationship had been a series of risks and rewards, from the very beginning to the final result. There were sweet compliments and kisses stolen behind a fan, and the thoughtful gifts that accompanied every visit were a bright spot in an otherwise spartan lifestyle. But any hint was kept hidden for the sake of everyone’s safety and reputation, and the stakes got higher with every passing week until—

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