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The End

FANDOM: InuYasha
CHARACTER: Higurashi Kagome
TAGS/WARNINGS: Angst, Canon Divergence, Implied Character Death
NOTES: Written well before the end of the manga (hence the canon divergence!)

Kagome reflects on the time of Inuyasha’s wish on the Shikon no Tama to present. Dark, tragic, all that good stuff.

Out of their rag-tag team of fighters, I hadn’t expected myself to be the one to outlive everyone else. If I had been asked, I would have guessed Inuyasha, maybe Shippou. But Fate has a funny way of playing out.

It had been a pure and noble wish; that was for certain. A hanyou, wishing for a human to have his lifespan. That was exactly how he had worded it, too. After that final, bloody battle with Naraku, I handed him the jewel. The accursed thing that had taken us close to a year to complete, I handed it to him to do with as he pleased. I remember it clearly. Inuyasha hadn’t hesitated. He held it tightly in his hard for a moment, and then made his wish.

‘Please, Shikon no Tama, give Kagome my lifespan.’ So very noble. With his lifespan, we would live together forever. Everlasting love. The jewel had glowed brightly before vanishing. And it had given Inuyasha exactly what he had asked for. I got his lifespan. HIS. The jewel had taken what he said completely literally. By giving me Inuyasha’s lifespan, he was left with one of a human.

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