I’m super happy for you!! Congrats!

thank you!!!!! I’m super happy too :D :D :D

TnT I’m so happy for you two!!!!!!

thank you so much ;_; I’m like so happy and excited about it <333333 even though it’s not like oh you have to be married to be with someone forever it’s still really nice to start talking about! :D

Omg! Really! I’m so happy for you two I’m crying! :3

yesss!!!! we don’t want to make any ~official announcement~ since it’s not like we’re trying to run down the aisle or anything. we’re waiting until we have a better idea of when we wanna get married and have the free time to take an actual honeymoon

but yes!!! someday! in the future! marriage stuff!!!!!!!! :D

OHHHH in happy personal news! I do not believe I’ve mentioned that my girlfriend & I have had some serious talks about getting married <3

we’re not ~officially engaged~ or anything but yes it’s a thing that’s going to happen in the future!!!!!!!!


Experienced and Suave souji is fun and all but i personally like it better when theyve got about as much kissing ability as a dead fish



(p.s. these are just ones off the top of my head i know there’s way more)

  • lab partners in chemistry class au
  • roommates in college au
  • hogwarts au!!
  • both work as characters at disney world au
  • both got lead roles in a musical au
  • titanic au
  • 1920s au
  • florist au
  • long-lost childhood friends reunited years later au
  • fake boyfriend/girlfriend/lovers/married couple au
  • figure skating partners au
  • photographer/model au
  • actors in a romcom who actually end up falling in love au
  • medieval/renaissance era au
  • ancient greece au
  • marching band au seriously why aren’t there any of these
  • orchestra/symphony au
  • pianist and piano student au
  • one is blind and falls in love with the other’s voice au
  • running a bakery together au
  • "why do we keep running into each other everywhere" au
  • camp counselors au
  • popular musician and rookie musician au
  • artist au
  • bestselling author and harsh critic au
  • best friends since childhood turned lovers au
  • tumblr crush au
  • cosplayed as a popular ship accidentally on comic con au
  • rivals in a popular online game au
  • seat partners on a plane ride au
  • forbidden love between royalty and peasant au
  • accidentally swapped phones/laptops au
  • ice cream shop au
  • stuck in an elevator together au
  • youtube au
  • wedding planner falling for the bride/groom au
  • bookstore au
  • starfleet au
  • met at a karaoke club au
  • found their number on a bathroom stall au
  • flatmates au
  • one is deaf and the other learns sign languages for them au



holy shit homestuck is (probably) updating in time for halloween
Where? : Schenley Park, Vietnam Veteran’s Pavilion
When? : Saturday, November 1st
What time? : 11am - 6pm
Facebook Page : here

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I’m not sorry about the spam of “consider these AUs” posts because like I want them all on my blog so I can find them again and discuss them with my girlfriend

cause legit we just lay around our house talking about AUs with our OCs already and we always want more ideas